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He looked at me... that night as he had never done it before.
I knew it... the moment he smiled at me.
Things had changed... he was no longer a friend.

He walked in. I opened the door. In that precise order.
We sat side by side. His arms went around my back... I let him.
Suddenly... his lips were no longer strangers to mine.
There was nothing i could do anymore.
"It" took over.

Like cinderella on that story... he carried me to the divan.
Was he a blue prince... ? Was he yet another frog to kiss?
It felt so good, just feeling our bodies one against the other.
Was he a friend still?

And.. so... we fell asleep on that field, side by side,
breathing the same air, dreaming the same dreams
... it was a wonderful night.

Wake up!

Hes gone.

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