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Did the bullet hit your heart and you're bleeding inside out ?

You've noticed... that it starts to hurt.. you start to loose consciousness.
The horizons shadows turn into orange and purple. The sunset is coming and darkness with it.
The wind lifts dust and the blood gets mixed with dirt... itís beautiful.

Youíre there.... lying on the ground, driving yourself crazy wondering if it was real?
Are you really bleeding? Did the bullet hit your heart?
Itís been so long since you felt pain.
And then... you wonder... how come heís not wounded?

You still remember when his fist hit your lips... oh... beautiful moment.
He looked at you as a little baby... you fooled yourself... you let him fool you.
His eyes... drugged you, whilst slowly he pulled the trigger.
You lost control... so did he... reasoning was forgotten.

By the end of the fight... you where both lying on the ground... he was sleeping like a baby.
Who would've imagined that, when awake... he was such a hungry beast.
Is that a smile coming out... when you remember this?

How could you let him shoot first?
Shouldnít you be the shooter and he the wounded one?
Words turn into lies... words that once tasted like truth.

Youíre drowning... and there ain't much time left.
Do you think he knows? Could he be bleeding too?
or you're the only fool... ??

Wake up!

Cerró el cuaderno... y a esa parte la llamó:
"How a beautiful caveman shot my heart..."

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17-07-2011 wake up, ¿Era un sueño? muy bien narrado, i will come back for more, hope that you write as good as it in spanish, my fives are yours. koinonia
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