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I believe...
there's beautiful people in this world,
with beautiful stories to tell,
beautiful smile to share.
Share a moment,
share your knowledge,
share your tears,
share a hug,
shout out loud,
sing to the wind.
Get to the top of your mountain and just...
lay down on the grass... look back down the hill...
put your sunglasses on... and just... smile! You made it!

I believe...
we can... we can "emancipate ourselves from mental slavery",
be free of mind, of heart, of thought, free of spirit.
After all... a slave is the one who awaits for some one to come and free him.
Think outside the box, don't be afraid!
We don't have to be afraid: live without fear,
be who you are and don't leave anything inside... take it all out!
and for once... say what you really want to say.
Don't you ever forget: knowledge = freedom.

I believe...
If your rainy day never ends in this life... try dancing in the rain for a chance,
then you'll know happiness is not a point we have to get to... it's a way of travelling.
Forgive, forget, let go... decide what and who is essential and that... never let go.
Realize that all the important luggage, one has to carry for the rest of this journey, fits right inside one's thoughts... no need for carry-on luggage.

I believe...
a smile can move people, a fist can't.
This world is one, there are no boundaries.
VISAS... why they exist, I wonder? if we all belong to the same world.
No colors, no political boundaries, no black nor white... try gray for a chance.
Languages... just different ways of saying the same thing.
A smile can say more than a thousand dictionaries.
Racism, hate, lust, war... they all bring sadness, loneliness, tears, emptiness.
Why should we encourage them in our hearts?

I believe...
It's true... "it is too late for pessimism",
but itís not too late to change.
We can still change our course,
we can still change our consumption pattern,
we can still stop the climate change,
we can recycle back what weíve used,
we can still stop the environmental disaster we've caused,
we can stop our dependence on oil and make the transition to renewable energy,
we can stop over-consuming and depleting the Earth's resources,
we still have a choice.
Our Earth cannot bear it no more.
I am guilty, we all are... and itís up to us to decide what happens next.
We cannot forget what's at stake: the earth... our HOME.

I believe...
we can... we can change,
we can free our mind.
There is only one rule... "live and let live",
there is only one right answer... "love",
there is only one way to do things... "the one that moves your heart".
Feel with your heart, with your mind, with your soul.
Enjoy the ride, this life is ours.

I believe... we can... we can make this world a better place for us all.
I've seen it... I've felt it... it's sprouting, believe it!

I believe... in you and me.

Now... the only question is... Do you believe?

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Lectores Opinan
21-06-2011 I believe... love is the answer and I believe... God is love... so... God is the answer... :) 5* fabian_
19-07-2010 Well I believe u, If OnlY Love was Enough 4 People but its not like that for now lets make ourseleves happy livin our lifes... Really cute! Congrats andea
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