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The man and boy in the way

The man around his unkowing own meaning,
Was tired because the route he has chossen recorrer,
And those misunderstood troubles inside him,
Didn´t let him be quiet and thinking too.

Then he had an idea to give a solution
To the confusion about everythink.

Is possible that this is a simple children way,
But at same time they have the betters Solutions.

Then he spoke with a boy walking near him.
After related all his problems to the boy,
Asked him, tell me dear friend
¿What would you do to give a solution, please?

The boy looked to the curious man and told:
Once a time I meet a man like you,
Curiously he asked the same you ask.
I answered him just the same to you
The way you have choosen walk
Is a big mistake sir.

Aguadulce, abril de 2009
José María de Benito

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Lectores Opinan
09-04-2009 Esta muy bueno, muy muy bueno, pero tiene errores de gramatica... Igual, ta perfecto :) saludos! yellow_ink
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