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Forggettinh about the crowd

That day he took the decision to
Stare at the crowd,
The clothes always their solitude,
Making it invisible
But with the power of a beast

It was then that he decided that
Lone wolf's life was unnatural.
Harm him while the pack
Not unless I missed it.

I had two options before the question
Accept or not to live with the crowd.
Adopt their habits and customs
So hypocritical and condescending
Or move away to more remote place,
Forgetting about the crowd,
And forgetting that one day lived
Between doubt and lies
With all those who
Finally reneged.

Aguadulce, abril de 2009
José María de Benito

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09-04-2009 amazing, no one writes in english now, wonderful. really clever! yellow_ink
09-04-2009 excellente, very good jayuve
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