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Now we're facing the new days
while I'm here stuck on the answer
to the unexpected situation
where I have to explain the reasons
of all the results of my behavior
and no chains to hook up our feelings
that's what I feel going backwards...
nothing has that finesse
we're just facing unbearable places
spots on people's memories undone by pleasure

Unleashing the power of illusions
and tearing apart the dreams we used to have
going backwards on something I started
pushing the brakes as hard as I can
now that I'm using the time you give me
on those moments you hurt me
and in the despair in between
to realize, my image of you is a lie
and by every little detail you gave
more and more reveal the lie, it's a lie
but with no tears from the me for such thing

All of this because you're a shameful being
careless about the life of the others
and you can say to me
this path will take you to higher steps than mine
I know that such places are for people who don't deserve them
for me, I will take the best moment I have of you to remind you
but I'll never use it to describe you
you could live your live as always
never caring about anybody

I've been shocking and sad, but you're a liar
perhaps It's just the impression of someone
who never got enough attention
I keep placing my feet to where I wanted
and finish the crossing of our paths
with my face up high, and on the pace that I like.

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Lectores Opinan
09-06-2008 Not everything what shines is a gold, which seems to be a fraud it is not even, looks at the bottom(fund) of his(her,your) eyes. There you will find the truth. Kisses and ***** Matilde mancuspia
27-05-2008 wow! looks like you had a really bad relation ship... keep going tomorrow will be better. 5* wicca
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