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Actually I was trying to remove your memories
From each part of what I consider my brain
But making out the math
I realize we’re on some kind alike
But you’re a bitch from heaven
And I’m a saint from mars
Hell if you like
Holding a key for every situation
And building always the best phrase
To make the men look up for space
And weep their inability to face our race
Burn their cattle and raise in faith
So planned, plotted or designed
On such and almost evil synchronicity
That we could be distracted by the same witchcraft
Lost on the fine mechanism of our existence
So much evilness we thought better
And took on the most brave decision, different roads
And each one of us used those best phrases
Put it together an shot them on each other faces
Just hurtful enough to make it easy
And that’s why I’m sitting here removing memories
Now, making bold movements
To remain true to my motives
Like the criminal just before the “guilty”
Like the erasing the rhythms and songs
Which I used to keep the synchronicity
Just to be able to keep that pace
And then put mine on display
I’m still erasing, now with a smile on my face
The smile of the ignored that is having its payback
It is not fair anyway, never has been
Picture after picture, word after word
The world with you in it is disappearing, about time!
‘Tough I erase everything, it does not mean I can’t find you again
I never wanted that bomb to explode an my hands
They are dirty enough
But just before, a kiss and goodbye

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09-06-2008 Sometimes I feel that you go, and to our history and me I sit(feel) so empty and with the hands ensagrentadas, as when this good-bye exploded strictly between ourselves. Kisses and ***** Matilde mancuspia
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