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You could say to me, you know me
Be stubborn, be my girl
ĎCause if you still want to know about me
After a long, long time
Iíll protect you with insanity
And love you with reason

To run away itís easy
You know it as well as I do
Erase something from your mind
Itís a totally different playground
And thatís something I know as well as you do

You in my life itís a cut
Deep enough to remember it forever
Those scars are odd
But somehow we make fuzz for them
I wanted something bigger but not that much

I feel tired
I guess you also feel that way
Past itís something I wonít deny
Doesnít matter if the people around me do that

I donít want to be the guilty one
For causing tears from your killer eyes
I guess thatís why we keep ourselves apart
Although it hurts
Although we know, it could shine

But I can sense somehow
We could be close for some time
Somebody could break us apart
As it have happened before
But I know we could do so
And somehow go on, and on, and on

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02-03-2008 You are the reason of my life, though we have to wait for one newly to dawn, in another time. I deal his(her,your) to feel kisses and stars mancuspia
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