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Keeping myself out of pretentions
Out of illusions, out of deceptions
A disappointing point of view
From someoneís bitter reaction
Not enough to be upset or mad
Just enough to beat you out of track
When you try your best to call out attention
With no intention of overstep on someone
Starting with a drawback
Making your mind on the very opposite
And throwing your mind out the cliff
Because nobody seems to be interested on it
ďJust give me something to go onĒ
Could be the message to acclaim love
Something youíve found hard to buy
And now we need to do a trip
To bring balance back and find peace
There is no job pulling us back
Thereís no joke, an escape could do it
Science canít explain it
That bitter look just make me more bored
If there wasnít enough with being worthless
You come to tell me this is bad
As more sleepy as I could be
I wonít turn my back at anything at all
Perhaps itís just my imagination
Or itís just the moments when Iím invisible
To everyoneís eyes
Or everybody are ignoring me for some dark reason
Seems it affected you as well
Perhaps I just can live with it
Although I could be obviously helpful
It doesnít matter anymore
Some reasons are very wrong
Even when these didnít come out of my thoughts
Which make you be afraid of me?
For some unknown reason for me
Iíll always take it as a down
The kind of rejections that Iím used to
But I canít say that Iím on the wrong place
Maybe Iím doing it backwards or just wrong
It would be easier if you were a sworn enemy
Iíll just point out at you with my finger
Say a few aching words
Look over my shoulder and go
But seems that I canít walk alone
Although I do it faster without company
But itís a known fact that
Speed kills you
Now Iím looking a red sunset
Trying to see towards a future
Blurry, distant and with sign of being sure
Because a canít say anything about it
Also, I donít know if Iíll live to see it coming
Or if life will worth enough to be breathing
Far from being a medium
Iíd rather keep my mind and imagination on stand by
Flying high on my mind brings a big disappointing
And my imagination creates a lot of fake things
Iíll just turn my back to calculations
And walk away singing the current tune on my mind

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Lectores Opinan
29-10-2007 Hi... I love the end.... "And walk away singing the current tune on my mind".... Wow! tuxie
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