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The tears
Piece of the soul
Voice from the heart
To himself
To the soul
Like the wind
Like cloud that eclipse the sold
The feeling
The life

Is an expression
A desire
A knot that slowly is undoing
A blue day
With blue song
With smile in other mouth
Is a pain
A day
An ocean in the eyes
Is salt with water
Is rain
Is the cheek baptism

Is a bleak song
In a desolate room
A guitar solo
A kiss without destination
The night with a big moon
Without someone to share

The tears is my bed without you

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Lectores Opinan
19-10-2006 yes, I believe in the magic of the tears, they are an expression of the soul, joy and the sadness, pure sensitivity that arises from the bottom of the heart and and they remember to us the power of life of the water, they emanate to give account us that we are that, water, earth, fire, air... in order to remember to us that we are human with an "incommensurable" ( jeje I did not know to translate it) capacity to love...only that...congratulations... luzyalegria
01-09-2006 I'am here again, that is becouse I really enjoy the this writings, and I"m read again and again. gfdsa
27-07-2006 OOhhhh, what a sad!...I like this too and I think this wonderful but like I toll you before...sad, that it does not mean that you don't deserve all the stars*****all of them for you nice work Congratulations!!!! gfdsa
14-03-2006 I'm glad for read your poem; that's no frecuently for this page to include poems in your language. I can read a desesperade outgoing of your feelings, dressed in colours for the words. Sorry for my mistakes; i hope youcan understand. I see you next wind... el_rey
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