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Many years ago, in a far away place, when the rabbits spoke and frogs sang sweet songs, the rabbits´ princess said that she liked to go to the frog’s kingdom because she wanted to learn beautiful songs and listen it in the morning, afternoon and night.

Mr. White, who was the princess´ counselor, asked the princess if she knew the dangers she would face in the way and begged her not to go.

But the princess didn’t listen to Mr. White and went to the frog’s kingdom.

There, she met the handsome frog’s prince. She loved his beautiful songs, his soft skin and his wonderful eyes but he thought she was hairy and too many different from frogs.

When she arrived, she told him that she was the rabbit’s princess and she demanded a good singer for her palace… and that she would married him.

The frog´s prince laughed and said that she was crazy, because frogs and rabbits couldn’t get marry.

But it was too late; she was in love with him. She kissed him

Oh no! The gods were very furious and said to the rabbits´ princess that she deserved punishment and after that the frogs can still sing but rabbits can not speak any more.

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18-11-2005 Y seguimos dando palazos jaja, pura inocencia dreamcatcher
18-11-2005 Te justifico el laburo de hacerlo en ingles... pero la historia parece una historia de chicos... elbilba
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