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Can you hear them?
All the voices in my head.
They won´t be happy til I´m dead.

They want me.
They are knocking on my door, waiting for me to open it.
I´m not going to.

Darkness falls on me, I feel the weight of the hell on my shoulders.
Again, that voices in my head.Can you hear them?

I want to scape to a place, where they can´t find me.
I can´t resist anymore, they are killing me softly, little by little, step by step
I´m turning into a lost soul, they are eating my mind.

Can you hear them? All the voices in my head, they want me dead.
I can´t resist anymore, I´m not so stronger than what I thought.

Why? why the hell choose me? I don´t want to go.I don´t want to be a pour soul.An unnamed feeling is coming, It´s so close to me.

It´s too much pain for a person, too much.
I´m not going to fall so easy.The only thing that I can do is pray.
Pray for the glory, and not for the eternal suffering.

Can you hear them?, all the voices in my head,
they won´t be happy till i´m dead.

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Lectores Opinan
03-08-2005 Entendí todo, está muy bueno, me encantó, a los demás... Aprendan inglés!! Wenl
03-08-2005 por ignaro me lo perdi. gud naigt la_gloira
03-08-2005 y como quedaba en castellano? maidenista
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