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His father wanted him to be an astronaut; unfortunately, he died way before his son finished high school. He never had a chance to demonstrate his love for his father, and could never talk to him about his girlfriends.
He was now thinking about all this, while he explored the surface of a new planet. This one had a green and violet sky, deep and intense, like asunset in the middle of the dessert. He walked through the valleys without a certain destination, and the lack of gravity made him a bit uncomfortable. He thought about his father everyday, and he asked himself why he had to die so soon; he would never find any answers.
While he was exploring this new world, in between patches of light and strange scenery, he had a second of lucidity, only enough to see the picture of his father on his night table, right before the last drop of heroin in his blood made him sleep, this time forever.

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21-02-2006 What can I said dude. Feels deeper that it reads, the word justice come to me. Anyway, on my opinion justice doesnít belong to life and death; but life and death belong to justice whether itís dictated by justice or injustice. p_ablo
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