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The afternoon seemed a bit more pale than usual, with a thin fog descending over the streets. It was one of those afternoons when nobody can be seen outside, except by a few ones of course. I was now one of those few, one more of the creepy characters who wander the streets only when nobody else does. The fact that today was one of those holidays when every family gathers around the warmth of a fireplace, obviously made the streets even emptier.
I didn't know exactly where I was going, I just knew I had to be there, walking through the thin afternoon fog. Did I have a family?? I wasn't sure. I mean, of course I had parents and siblings; and maybe even lived under the same roof at one point, but did I have a family?? a family?
It didn't really matter, the afternoon was pale, and I was outside, wandering without a fixed destination again. The fog was getting thicker and thicker. I could then visualize what seemed like a human silouhette about 30 meters ahead of me, but I wasn't sure if it was moving towards or away from me, I've never had good eyes...
It looked like an average person, most likely a male. He was wearing dark clothes, and now I could se he was definitely moving towards me, on the same sidewalk. The fog was really thick now, I could barely see 10 meters ahead of me. He walked with a slow pace, as if reasoning and wondering about afternoons like this one. He looked familiar, I remember thinking " I might know him".
Then, only a few meters away from me he lifted his reflective gaze, and the moment I looked at him, I recognized every single feature on his face; his nose, his mouth, but most of all, his increasingly horrifying eyes as he looked at mine. Then I realized we were wearing the exact same clothes. All of the sudden I felt extremely dizzy, and he appeared to be losing his balance as well.
I then understood that I was looking at myself, and even more interseting yet, HE was looking at himself too. Somehow I had crossed paths with myself on a pale and foggy holiday afternoon with nobody around. I felt sick and disoriented as we passed by each other. I looked away, I couldn't cope with the insanity of the moment. I did not dare to look back or stop, and I am certain that he didn't dare to either.
I just kept walking by inertia, petrified.

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